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Awarded Grants

2021-2025     Trajectories of Psychosocial and Functional Outcomes among Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma (NHL) Survivors, Project Grant for Canadian Institutes of Health Research.

PI: Lisa Chodirker, Kelly Davison. John G. Kuruvilla, Christine Maheu, Samantha Mayo, Lee Mozessohn
Co-Investigators: Eshetu Getachew Atenafu,


2020-2022     CIHR, Clonal Stromapoiesis and BM microenvironment in leukeumias and HCT

$200,000 - PI - Chodirker, Lisa - Atenafu; CO-I - Eshetu Getachew

SAMBA, Detecting and monitoring molecular residual disease (MRD) in high-risk melanoma patients through novel circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) profiling technologies​, Catalyst Grant

$100,000 CAD - PI - Anna Spreafico; Co-I - Sareh Keshavarzi

2015    Molecular characterization and behaviour of tumors arising in patients taking 5-alpha reductase inhibitors, Movember Discovery Grant Application

PI - Robert J. Hamilton; Co-I - Eshetu Atenafu

2015-2016     Applying radiomics to predict pathology of residual retroperitoneal nodal masses in metastatic germ cell tumors following platinum based chemotherapy

PI:  Jeremy Lewin, Philippe Bedard, Princess Margaret Cancer Centre

Co-Investigator:   Eshetu Atenafu, M.Sc., Pstat , Senior Biostatistician

2010-2012     CCSRI, PI Forsyth, Peter, Wang, L. et al: Phase I pharmacodynamic and “high content” study of the gamma-secretase inhibitor RO4929097 in patients with recurrent malignant gliomas (MGs) targeting p75NTR to inhibit brain tumour initiating cells (BTICs) and recurrent invasive gliomas

2019-2022     CIHR, Canadian Institutes of Health Research

Feasibility of integrating epigenomic and genomic liquid biopsy biomarkers into the clinical management of advanced prostate cancer

$544,119 – PI –S Sridhar;Co-I – W Xu

2019-2023     CIHR, Canadian Institutes of Health Research

Development of the first pre-operative serum exosomal miRNA test to guide treatment decision in prostate cancer

$750,000 – PI – W Xu, G Yousef, N Fleishman; Co-I – L Klotz

2019-2023     CIHR, Canadian Institutes of Health Research

Genomics-based radiosensitization for HPV-negative squamous cell carcinoma of the aerodigestive tract

$ 757,352 – PI – S Bratman; Co-I - W Xu

2018-2021     Prostate Cancer Canada

Combination of subpathology and noncoding RNA: integrating outcome prediction and treatment individualization for intermediate-risk prostate cancer

$1,499,250 – PI – Housheng He; Co-I - W Xu

2018-2022     CIHR, Canadian Institutes of Health Research

Early detection of cancer in high-risk patients through profiling of circulating tumour DNA

$1,977,525 – PI - T Pugh; Co-I - W Xu

2018-2021     Princess Margaret Cancer Centre Foundation

Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, and Microbiome Research

$1,000,000 – PI: W Xu, L Siu, B Haibe-Kains, B Coburn

2018-2020     CCC, Crohn’s and Colitis Canada

The Crohn’s and Colitis Canada GEM Project

$4,000,000 – PI: - K Croitoru; Co-I - W Xu

2017-2022     CIHR, Canadian Institutes of Health Research

Seeking Molecular Signatures for Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma 

$1,147,500 – PI –F Liu; Co-I – W Xu

2017-2021     OICR, Ontario Institute for Cancer Research

Ovarian Cancer Translational Research Initiative 

$10,000,000 – PI –A Oza, R Rottapel; Co-I – W Xu

2017-2022     NSERC, Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada

Methodology Development and Implementation for Microbiome Sequencing Data: Hierarchical Modeling on Clustered Taxa Counts with Repeated Measures

$140,000 – PI –W Xu

2016-2018     CCSRI, Canadian Cancer Society Research Institute

Early detection of tumour response for adaptive therapy in oropharynx cancer

$200,000 – PI –S Bratman; Co-I – W Xu, F Liu, J Waldron, T Pugh

2016-2018     CIHR, Canadian Institutes of Health Research

X-chromosome wide genetic association on cancer prognostic and pharmacogenetic analysis of clinical trials: methodological development and analysis

$150,000 – PI –W Xu, G Liu; Co-I – R Hung, B Chen, C O’Callaghan

2016-2017     US DOD, Department of Defense

Identifying a reversible genetic factor that drives lung cancer in veteran African Americans to foster the early detection and prevention of lung cancer

$100,000 – PI –W Xu, D Reisman

2016-2017     Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation Invest in Research Grant

Impact of distinct HPV subtypes on survival in oropharyngeal cancer

$100,000 – PI – S Bratman; Co-I – W Xu, F Liu, J Bruce, T Pugh

2014-2016     McLaughlin Center Accelerator Grant

Early Detection of Lung Cancer Using Next Generation Sequencing Technology

$50,000 – PI –W Xu, G Liu; Co-I – R Hung, P Hu

2013-2014     OICR, Ontario Institute for Cancer Research

Pharmacokinetic and Pharmacogenetic analysis of NCIC CTG CO.20 and CO.17  Clinical Trials

$128,945 – PI –W Xu, G Liu; Co-I – E Morgen, LL Siu, X Chen, CJ O’Callaghan, A Brown, D Jonker, D Tu

2012-2015     CIHR, Canadian Institutes of Health Research

The Pharmacogenetics of Bevacizumab: A Companion Correlative Study of the Ovarian Cancer Clinical Trial, ICON7

$390,342 – PI – G Liu; Co-I – W Xu, R. Kim, H. MacKay, S

2012-2014     CCSRI, Canadian Cancer Society Research Institute

The relationship between local breast radiation with hematopoietic stem cell trafficking, and fatigue.

$198,320 – PI –  FF Liu; Co-I – W Xu, M Li, M Minden, 

Multivariate Association of Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors in People with Type 1 diabetes, Fellowship Clinical Research Project. Funding Sources: 2016/9 - 2018/8, CIHR STAGE, Total Funding - 90,000 CAD

Travel Award 2017:     Banting and Best Diabetes Center, 1000 CAD

Travel Award 2017:     The Hospital for Sick Children, 1000 CAD

Travel Award 2016:     Mc Laughlin Center, University of Toronto, 1000 CAD

CIHR STAGE (Strategic Training for Advanced Genetic Epidemiology) fellowship (2020-2022)


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