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Our Values


  • Clinical trial, real-world, multi-omics study, design, consultation, modeling, analysis, report, high impact publications and awarded grants


  • Knowledgeable and highly-effective team work on data science and standardized analytic pipelines to successfully execute high quality research studies


  • Develop and implement novel methodologies in cutting-edge research such as adaptive clinical trial design, predictive AI modeling, and omics data


  • Strong relationships with oncology sites and scientists across PM, UHN, Canada and globally.

  • Educating/supervising new trainees and students 


New statistical methodology:

  • A newapproach for collecting, analyzing or interpreting scientific data, or a novel application of an existing method

Machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) development for high-dimensional data

Software development

  • web-based calculators, plug-ins, macros, and statistical tools for randomization, group allocation, and sampling

Educational activities

  • lectures, workshops, tutorials

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Collaboration: An intellectual partnership between a biostatistician and investigators 

Consultation: An interaction between an investigator and a biostatistician for the purpose of conferring about statistics or research design

Education: The delivery of knowledge pertaining to statistics or research design to investigators and trainees

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Modeling & Analysis

Statistical contribution

  • study design; aims and hypothesis development; sample size and power calculation; statistical analyses (plan, interim, and final); data collection, management forms and systems; data safety and monitoring plans; participant recruitment, sampling and randomization methods; and authoring of reports

Abstracts and manuscript writing 

Grant application

  • for research, training or infrastructure support

We conduct pioneering research on human microbiome studies

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